This group of bees is fit for someone planning to keep bees with the intention of getting honey or for commercial purposes. They come from one big family named the Apidae and are also useful in pollination. They are commonly referred to as the social bees due to their behavior of living in colonies of up to 50, 000. There are many types of these, but the most common one in the U.K is the Apis Mellifera. It is found in most parts of northern Europe hence its nickname. The bee has unique features which include a small, thickset body and no yellow color. They have a pollen basket and have hair on the thorax. It has a dark brownish color with black accents. Nonetheless, the Northern European bee is aggressive thus requires a lot of effort to capture and maintain.

These bees are members of the Apidae family. They are commonly domesticated for honey production and crops pollination. These insects live in colonies and also move in massive swarms. Hence, if they happen to attack, you will note a large cloud of bees settled on a tree or a wall. There are several types of honey bees in the world. However, the most common in the UK is the European honey bee. These types of bees produce large amounts of honey, and they also differ in colour. You will find them in black or golden brown colours, commonly occupying hollow trees and man-made structures. While there is a decline in the population of honey bees in the UK, it is believed that the native black honeybee found in northern Britain can reverse this trend. The reason behind this is that this species is more adaptable to the climate in Britain.

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