Just as the name suggests, mining bees dig into the ground where they reside. They build tunnels underground, and you can easily locate their entrances as you will note mounds of soil on the ground in the form of pots. These bees are also solitary and not aggressive. They can sting but only do so to protect their eggs. They are also great pollinators both for plants and flowers, and unlike honey bees, they do not stay in large colonies. Several species of these bees are common in Britain. They are similar to honey bees, but they are smaller in size.

While bees are beneficial; both for honey production and plants pollination, you need to take protective measures to ensure that you do not distract them. Hence, you need to make sure that their dwelling areas are not places you consistently access, as despite the bee being non-aggressive, it can cause harm if it happens to think that you are attacking it.

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